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And then, the bio-agriculture. Pesticides and chemical fitomedicines that conventional agriculture uses in the fields, hurt us: they have side-effects which have been proved by the scientific organisms of the whole world, making us more prone to tumors and other illnesses. For this reason, their use is strongly controlled by the States and by international organisms. Strongly, but not enough. We can do without pesticides, as it has been demonstrated by the success of biological and biodinamic agriculture in a country like Italy, where more than 11 percent of the fields are cultivated with natural methods. Another important step towards the respect for the Planet.

Chemical agriculture contributes in a 7 percent to the formation of the gases that alter the climate.

So we have chosen to offer biological and biodinamic food to our guests both, on our breakfast buffet and in our vegetarian restaurant. We are not the only ones: biological and biodinamic Italian cuisine is one of the most appreciated in the world, because it has been cultivated respecting very strict rules and also because it shows the tastes and rich differences of our country.

Are we too much proud of it? We kindly invite you to taste identify the tastes and smells. Then, it will be a pleasure for us talk together about it.