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Every place has a particular character. The Latins; the ancient Romans, called it with a specific name: genius loci. The deep spirit, the pattern that connects the elegant and careful reception of the future Project. For our Hotel Raphael this is represented by the curtain of leaves that climbs luxurously along the seventeenth-century façade of our building turning it into a green oasis in the streets and in the city of Rome.

And it is not just a splendid vegetable architecture or an elegant dress.
The Hotel Raphael has a green heart, that can be seen in the carefully thought details and great attentions that the management spreads towards our guests, always worried about their comfort and their health.
Firsty, from the choice of the breakfast menus, where a lot of importance is given to selected raw materials like, fruit, bread and bakery products.
We have one of the best vegetarian and biological restaurants in the city on our terrace enjoying a unique panoramic view of Roman rooftops and domes. All the architectural and decorative refurbishments projected within the last years few years, have been thought to save energy, and to avoid harmful exhalations from the building materials.
We do not define us as an echo-hotel. We do not need it. For us the care of the Planet and of the human being who leave on it are the same thing. Probably a philosophy. Simply, our genius loci.