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This is something for sure not discovered by us. The Italian and Mediterranean cuisine is a triumph of vegetables, legumes, cereals, often of eggs and cheese, to add a magic touch. Pasta, soups, pizzas: it has taken hundreds, rather thousands, of years of experimentation by generations of women. farmers and artists, nobles and housekeepers, adventuresses and mothers, to give us the recipes that today have become base of the cuisine for great cooks.

We have revised and adapted all these recipes for you. We present them in our restaurant Mater Terrae, a meeting place in the city for the one who chooses and appreciates vegetarian kitchen and who wants to eat biological food, cultivated without pesticides respecting the environment and human health.
The last researches which have been developed in the food field, for instance, at the Mayo Clinic in Colorado, show that who eats meat-free can live an average of 4 years more than the people who include meat in their diet. And, aditionally, that the quality of life in these cases is clearly higher: more fitness, less illnesses.
And then, the vegetarian choice or, at least, focused on a very moderate consumption of meat, avoids the release of enormous quantities of gas to the atmosphere that damage the climate of our planet.
Last, but not least, the value of an ethic choice. The industrial breedings are not projected for allowing a decent life for the confined animals. However, no matters if you decide wether eating meat or not, nowadays the conditions of its production are unacceptable for all of us.