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We are right in the center of one of the most important world culinary cultures: the Mediterranean. Countries with a moderate climate, full of plants that grow wherever, of cereals that have been diversified within the centuries, fruits that have the same name but are very different among them. Do you know how many subspecies of apricots grow on the Vesuvius, only 150 kilometers at the south of Rome? More than 100.

Because of this reason, our breakfast has all the colors and the tastes of our fruit, of our cereals grown on the hills, lowlands and mountains, of the different types of sweets and breads of Italy: a country that represents 0,2 percent of the emerged lands, but which has a history and also a gastronomy, different for almost each one of its around eight thousand City Halls. And it is also for this reason that we suggest you to choose Mediterranean for your breakfast: vegetable proteins, tasty fruits and vegetables produced in our country.
But we also propose you this in the name of a vision, of a sweeter relationship with the Planet. More meat means a great consumption of ground, a great impact on the climate, controlled animal breedings as industries and pollution. Your personal choice also implies a small gesture that can reward the palate and relieve our pressure on our planet: try, if you like, the perfumes and the tastes of the Mediterranean.The chef recommends it.